Building Community By Creating Connections to Fresh Local Food

Learn how you can get involved in Casper, WY

Is your diet benefitting from fresh local produce? Studies show that 90 percent of Wyoming adults don't eat the recommended daily amount of vegetables, while 80 percent don't eat enough fruit. That's why Casper Community Greenhouse Project was founded, with the mission of offering food education resources as well as affordable local produce to residents of Casper, Wyoming. We believe that a community garden can unite residents in an effort to improve health within our community.

Volunteer with us

What started as a plan to build a local greenhouse has expanded into a city-wide food education initiative. Our current projects include:

Get involved in programs at our local greenhouse or school gardens today to help promote the health and well-being of the Casper, Wyoming community. Want to volunteer?

Casper Community Greenhouse Project | Casper, WY | Local Garden, Produce
Casper Community Greenhouse Project | Casper, WY | Local Garden, Produce

Connect with your community over food education

The focus of the Casper Community Greenhouse Project is to build a teaching greenhouse and farm that will bring the community together. It is our goal to become a social center of the community that helps people connect in a meaningful and healthy environment. Together, we can help Casper grow stronger!

Learn more about our food education project and community garden now by calling 307-277-7303.