What is Grow Casper?

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Grow Casper is a project that will provide and Educational Gardens & a Greenhouse Educational Center. The facility intends to operate on approximately 5.83 acres of land, through a gracious partnership with Wyoming Medical Center and Natrona County. It is a project of the 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Casper Community Greenhouse Project. Grow Casper's philosophy is that experiential learning, agricultural, and health education are essential components for every child and adult to develop skills for long-term healthy lifestyles.

Casper Community Greenhouse Project | Casper, WY | Local Garden, Produce
Casper Community Greenhouse Project | Casper, WY | Local Garden, Produce

Our Mission

To provide hands on learning experiences that connect people and students with the land, food, water and health that will sustain them throughout life.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Through the work at the educational garden we will grow local fresh foods available to school, hospital and local cafeterias. We will train the next generation of beginning farmers whether backyard or large acreage, pass on the valuable knowledge and skills of seed saving and provide an exciting, motivational and hands on way to learn for our adults, students and youth. Through Agri-Tourism, our economically self- sustaining, farm based environmental, educational center would be an integrated model for every school system or community in the nation. In turn this will create a vibrant food economy, healthy community and teach our youth about organic food and farming.


Build and operate a local agriculture destination designed to promote the health and well-being of the Casper and Natrona County.

  1. Develop an innovative attractive green space and educational center.
  2. Provide an environment for the community to learn about nutrition, food, and agriculture.
  3. Produce regular supply of fresh, healthy and sustainable food.
  4. Teach the community how to utilize the produce and live sustainably.

Anticipated Programs

Grow Casper intends to create several programs that will align with our mission and vision. It is the intention to provide educational opportunities while creating a sustainable environment and permaculture, producing accessible food, and following through with teaching our community how to prepare the food, preserve the food and enjoy the nutritious fruits of farm.

  • Community Garden ProgramĀ 
  • Farm to School ProgramĀ 
  • Farm to Cafeteria Program
  • Farm Incubator Program