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Is Local Food Possible in Wyoming?


Let's face it: growing food in Wyoming isn't always easy. And if we truly believe its possible to create access to local food across the state and to watch that food transform our diets and health: we need help. Well, we have the perfect partners for that! New Venture Advisors have been partnering with the CCGP to figure out the feasibility of a sustainable, long-term, profitable local foods movement in our state.

Several interested, passionate growers & buyers from a variety of markets have participated in forums, surveys & interviews about the potential of actually seeing Wyoming grown food produced, distributed, purchased and eaten by locals.

Here is the good news: Casper will play a crucial role in becoming the "keystone hub" within a huge wheel of spokes stretching beyond Natrona county to reach every corner of our state. One of the greatest potentials for seeing this succeed is to follow a "cluster model" that takes seriously the rural nature of our population.

As we continue to discover the possibilities of these clusters, with Casper at the hub, we are thrilled to share that a regional collaboration across Montana, Colorado and New Mexico is coming together to involve more players who will provide access to the food we're already growing!

Can you imagine if locally & regionally grown food was supplied to all our local grocers, restaurant groups, school districts & hospitals? Imagine the difference in our diets and over-all health with that kind of accessibility & affordability!

The goal? Stretch each dollar seeded into the ground, plucked, distributed, purchased and eaten by Wyoming residents.

Let's do this, Casper!