The Casper Community Greenhouse Project's mission is to produce fresh and healthy local food for the Casper community in a way that educates and foster's community involvement.


Build, develop and operate a local destination designed to promote urban and rural agriculture and the health and well-being of the community.

Casper Community Greenhouse Project | Casper, WY | Local Garden, Produce


Develop an innovated space that produces fresh, healthy produce, an attractive green space and educational center. Produce enough food to supply the community fresh, healthy food while remaining sustainable.

Provide an environment for the community to learn about nutrition, food and methods of production. Expand the community greenhouse initiatives to other communities of Wyoming.

Collaborate with educational institutions to develop a technical path for people seeking job skills in greenhouse operation and management.

Teach students about ecosystems and the symbiotic relationship between them.

Provide educational space for students of all ages to participate in growing food.


  1. Produce healthy, affordable food
  2. Education enrichment
  3. Community development
  4. Sustainability