Casper Community Greenhouse Project | Casper, WY | Local Garden, Produce

School gardens, gardens everywhere!

Teach a child to eat a vegetable, you feed them for a day.
Teach a child to garden, you feed them for a lifetime.

The mission of the CCGP is to produce fresh and healthy local food for the Casper community in a way that educates and fosters community involvement. One of the best ways to educate the children of Casper is to provide them with hands-on integrated curriculum experiences in which they literally get to see (and smell and touch and eat) the fruit of their labor. We are teaching Casper's kiddos that gardening will save our planet.

We are so proud of our pilot aquaponics school greenhouse at the Mills Elementary, where a variety of crucial community members have helped both the kids and plants to thrive for the second complete school year! The 2nd Annual Mother's day sale doubled funds raised for the on-site greenhouse from last year. Mentors from the CCGP, students from Star Lane, volunteers from Master Gardeners and of course the fabulous faculty of Mills Elementary all contributed to the heart of this garden through the Garden Club, service projects, and teaching and modeling the gift of locally grown produce.

The success at Mills Elementary has prompted inspiration & willingness to build and facilitate school gardens at several other Natrona Country schools including Evansville Elementary School, Frontier Middle School & Mountain View Elementary.

Community gardens are beginning to bloom as well in cooperation with The Boys & Girls Club, The ARC, Montessori School, and the Casper JaySees. As we see it: the more gardens, the better!